colourcharcoal asked: You are the only Tim and Eric Blog I follow. For real. (Well, besides actual Tim)

Well, you’re one of my favorite tumblr people, and you make better gifs than me, so I am ugly sobbing at  your beautiful vote of confidence.

If you don’t follow colourcharcoal, then I don’t want to know you.

I’m also going to use crassly use this opportunity to self-promote a little to y’all. 

If by some chance you follow this blog and not my other T&E blog (Good Enough For A Poke) I recommend it. It’s a little more general and has a lot more popular appeal. 

I also run a Mr. Show blog (I Screencap the Shit Out of It). I’m going through all of Mr. Show chronologically and translating it into tumblr form via gif and screencap magic.

I also have a personal blog (bleecakes) where I share stuff. You know, just stuff. It’s pretty boring, but I feel like I should mention it. Sometimes I make stuff. Like this.

So there. I turned a beautiful moment into something gaudy. 

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