Coming (very) Soon to Tim and Eric Most Handsome

I was asked to compile pics and gifs of Tim and Eric kissing. I ended up taking this idea, running with it, jumping into the air with it, flying away into space with it, and crashing into the sun with it.

I went and I gathered together everything I could find that included tender homoeroticism and general sexual inappropriateness between Tim and Eric. It turns out that I have a lot of pictures that fall under that┬ácategory, so I further ranked them by level of, uh, intensity. I’m calling them Caliente, Muy Caliente, and ARRIBA!!

I’ll publish one post per night over the weekend, so watch this space! I borrowed heavily from colourcharcoal (the best gif maker) and thewaitisogre (the most smartest about all things T&E). They are the coolest! Give them love and hugs!

I am not pretending that this is an exhaustive list. It’s just a sweet, sexy, and occasionally disturbing triple picspam.

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