Anonymous asked: Hello wondrous, handsome blogger! I was wondering if you would do a big post (or as many as it takes!) of as many gifs and/or pics as possible in which Tim and Eric kiss. That would truly make my bubbubs bounce, for it's always a thing of beauty :) What a challenge! Thank you so much for the one of the best blogs there is!

Well, Anon, this is what my desktop looks like right this moment, so you maybe can tell I have an interest in this area. It’s a tall order to compile all the instances of tender homoerotic sweetness between Tim and Eric as there are so many, but luckily I have quite a stockpile of those images already for, uh… let’s call it “personal research reasons”. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I will get on that soon and get your bub-bubs bouncing all over the place.

Thank you for loving my blog and for giving me an idea/excuse to publish sexy kissy pictures!

Does anyone else have suggestions/reminders? Or kissy pics they want to submit? I’ll take whatever you’ve got!

 (I did not make the above gif, I “borrowed” it from colourcharcoal)

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